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Discover the Doorway to Your Life’s Purpose

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It’s easy to fall into the trap of doing everything for everyone else.  Whether we’re raised to be nurturers or simply fall into that role, our primary purpose often becomes enmeshed in helping others achieve their goals. It can feel good to help others and for some time, it can truly feel like our passion. […]

Is Self-Confidence the Key to Happiness?

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It seems obvious that self-confidence might be a necessary ingredient for greater happiness and personal satisfaction. But according to Psychology Today, self-confidence is the essential ingredient when it comes to living a happy life. It’s tied to reducing fear and anxiety, and creating the resiliency to handle life’s rocky moments. So, why is it that […]

Dancing with the Unknown

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You’re sitting in the small car, hip to hip with a stranger, hands taut, gripping the shoulder harness. You push it out a few times to make sure it’s locked…you do it 5 more times…just in case. Suddenly you jolt forward and your climb to the top of the hill begins. Click, click, click. You […]

Live Your Life Today

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Writing is how I solve and dissolve complex equations of heart and head…and poetry has the ability to connect us to one another. I offer my poem, “unbound,” with the hope that it speaks to you wherever you are in the present moment. unbound we may never know how we hold all we can or […]

Living with uncertainty

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Uncertainty. The tension of opposites. How, just when we think we have landed, we are actually further unearthed. Ground must be restored, but not through stillness. Stillness will not satisfy. I discovered life as breath: fluidity is the only ground we can seek. For me, the catalyst of change was the ending of my marriage. […]

I Know It’s Time to Jump… But How?

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  I hid the truth about myself from myself for a long time before I was brave enough to make my jump into a new and better life. My wish in sharing this poem with you is that it will inspire you to take heart, and find the courage to dive into the light of […]

Can you see the gift in your projections?

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Ever notice how the people closest to you can also trigger the heck out of you? She’s so selfish. He’s so rude. She’s a know-it-all. He’s irresponsible.  But, here’s the deal: Every characteristic we don’t like in someone else, exits within us as well. As the old saying goes – when you point a finger […]

What makes your heart start beating again?

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the warmth and the weight of you for Mozell : 2008–2016 the warmth and the weight of you has stayed beside me on the bed the trail the place you still occupy the space still breathes of you of your pawprint imprinted on my heart             ?? I’ll be honest with […]

Are You Being Ruled by Your Unmet Needs?

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What happens when you stay in a situation that isn’t working, denying your own needs long enough? Your needs, your health, and your well-being begin to demand to be heard. Even if you don’t heed that call, the truth will come out. Unfortunately, it will come out sideways. Perhaps you’ll become ill. Or depressed. Or […]

hourglass: a last love poem

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hourglass: a last love poem written on the morning i finally filed for divorce i loved you as much as i could as long as i could hard as i could hard as it was steadily holding on to the small piece of maybe that was finally destroyed i have done all i can we […]