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Starting to live Your Unlived Life

Florence, Italy, which is home to Michael Angelo’s gallery, bodies are birthing themselves from rough and ragged chunks of marble. They are called “Unfinished Slaves,” frozen in a state of self-excavation. I, too, was carving myself back into life, my unlived life.

Shame and guilt were stripped away from me, revealing raw flesh. I reclaimed the time lost; my un-lived life. Forgiveness arrived, tentatively at first. Then and now in bursts of disbelief, Inhabiting my life completely. No hiding, genuinely living is unparalleled.

Where there once was a marriage, and now there is only me.

What do I know, now? Happiness, fun, and pleasure are necessities. It is important to remember that that loss is loss, and grief is grief. Forgiveness is the gateway to freedom and love that lie beyond. Nothing is better than living my life as it is happening. Meeting the miraculous moments as me—just me. Just being me is the only thing I ever had to do to be loved.

I know that living on the other side of my greatest fear, I can do anything.


The truth has been patiently walking beside me, periodically darting out to capture my attention. Today it just gently reached over, held my hand and squeezed it to remind me that I do want and need love

This is what it feels like to inhabit my body, a home familiar yet unrecognizable breath hydrating the space between flesh and bone. Flashes of the past hover as film overlay on present day
haunting me with life before and an experience unlived

Once, I was a woman with a husband and a dog

it was a time
when water
didn’t behave
as water?

How quickly spells are cast and broken but life going on without me
leaves me breathless. So I trust in the power of restoration.

Seems I am always settling in, and then settling in all over again. To the changing terrain below, the weather is coming for us, and it’s breathtaking. I am now loosening my grip on what I desire, and it draws toward me. What makes the heart start beating again, balancing as I settle in once more.

Living and breathing on the other side of letting go.  Fierce, wild and free

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