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“Sit in the possibility…without the logistics.”








“Sit in the possibility…without the logistics.”

It’s a month later and her words still echo. I have great respect and gratitude for being seen by her, even when she has no qualms pointedly calling me out on my blinding Type-A-ness.

“Sit in the possibility…without the logistics.”

The audacity. Doesn’t she know my whole life depends upon logistics and that I have just barely begun my recovery from being a rigidly organized, caretaking, over-achieving, multi-tasking, detail-oriented, time-managing workaholic, for god’s sake!? Oh wait…of course she does. And so it’s her precise intention to suggest that I even begin to entertain fantasy instead of solely focusing on implementation and execution.

I used to only contemplate what needed to be done and how I would be doing it. Cut and dry. Dreaming, wishing, hoping, wanting seemed a luxury, and such a waste of valuable ‘doing’ time. I just couldn’t see the value in pure fancy vs. the real world.

And even though I have heard Wayne Dyer quote the English visionary poet William Blake a hundred times: “What is now proved was once only imagined,” I somehow still didn’t get that imagining is actually the first and most important step to creating reality.

But now her words, still roiling inside me, alert me to the necessity of diving head first into my desire if I ever want to allow, embody and offer the full expression of myself.

So what if – instead of doing, making, searching, finding, remembering, performing, fulfilling – the only thing standing between this moment and my greatest me is the willingness to “sit in the possibility…without the logistics.” What if…?


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