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Shall we set aside some time to play?

Shall we set aside some time to play?Are you able to relax and enjoy yourself?

If you’re anything like I used to be, you might be afraid of fun!

I want you to Join me for some practice with play.

Take a deep breath and Imagine yourself as someone who seeks out chances to have fun and experience joy. Take another deep breath and sit with it whatever arises. Now, grab paper and a pen. Make a note of three things you will say yes to, ways you can play and enjoy yourself, before the end of the year. Make a list.

If you haven’t allowed yourself to play for a while, this can be challenging. Acknowledge the voices in your head as you make your list. Notice what surfaces for you. You may feel conflicted. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn about yourself. There is much here to learn.

And, think about what you are giving up by not allowing yourself to play. There may be things that you could have more of (energy, time, insight, freedom) that you’re missing. Finding a way to self-nourish helps you overcome these conflictions, set needed boundaries, and experience some new things.

My JUMP Coaching Program utilizes four specific self-nourishing practices, one of which is PLAY. For the longest time, I had been so responsible and hell-bent on people-pleasing that I didn’t have appreciation or reverence for fun. I thought play was a waste of time and that people who engaged in it were lazy or not on a serious path. I have since learned that play is actually vital and healing.

So each week I invite my clients to look at what they can do to invite more joy into their life – and then do at least one thing to honor it.

This play step can be small, inch-by-inch: you can sing out loud in your car to your favorite song or go for a walk in a new part of town. Or, you can take a big jump like I’ve just done and headed off to Thailand for three weeks!!! I’ll be back home next week and have much to share about my insights!

I want to support you in playing and self-nourishing! Join the conversation with me on Facebook.

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