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Setting Financial Boundaries

I talk a lot about setting boundaries as it pertains to relationships with other people but today I want to focus on setting boundaries in relation to your finances and ultimately your sense of self-worth. And this is where it gets a little tricky, because some of these boundaries might have to be set by you…for you.

Many of us believe that sticking with the status quo will win us love and belonging. In order to avoid uncertainty and to feel as though we belong, we hold to long-held cultural beliefs, following the prescribed paths we’ve been told will make us happy. These paths take the pressure off of us. We don’t have to forge new pathways. We can stay “safe” in the roles of daughter, son, sibling, wife, husband, mother, or father. We don’t have to have difficult conversations where we break the norms and expectations our family and loved ones have of us. But how safe are these roles really? How safe is it to play so small that we squeeze ourselves into boxes and live false lives?

These beliefs that we hold about money—and our own worthiness—keep us in situations that aren’t truly satisfying. They trap us in the fear of the unknown, where we’re willing to short ourselves to avoid stepping outside of our comfort zone.

Today I want you step out of that comfort zone and find your NO so that you can free your YES. And in order to find your no, you have to pinpoint areas of your life where you can set a healthy boundary….because that’s how you are going to claim your worthiness and start valuing your time, finances and happiness.

Now, think about something about your finances that you would like to change. If you overspend you might say “I would like to stop compulsively shopping”. The boundary you want to set for yourself would look something like this: “I will no longer allow myself to avoid my feelings of unworthiness by buying stuff.” This is a boundary you are setting with yourself to consciously say “no” to your destructive spending patterns and say “yes” to changing them.

Another example of uncovering a NO in service of unleashing a YES may be setting a boundary with your partner. If you are not involved in the day to day finances of your household, you may say NO to having blinders on and say YES to taking control over your finances, or at least sharing the responsibility.

Few people have a clear, balanced relationship with money. Most of us have a person or beliefs controlling our finances in one way or another. Think about your relationship with money and where you want it to change. Take some time and get clear on what you will no longer tolerate…and then say YES to claiming your worth.

I want to help you uncover your worthiness in 2017. You deserve it!

Join me for my next Complimentary Group Coaching Call and reclaim your self-worth!


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