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Setbacks : Breakthroughs











This week, just when I thought certain less-than-enchanting behavior patterns of my past were dead and buried, I reverted to some old actions and reactions. As if the data comprising the new me had not been saved properly, I defaulted back to an earlier version. Setbacks that felt out of my hands, beyond my control.

When I looked up setback – my hot and heavy love affair with words often sends me to my thesaurus – I noticed the antonym listed was breakthrough.

Hmmm…even my thesaurus has become a self-empowerment tool!

So if all roads point to regression being a necessary step on the path of discovery and development, I wonder why – after 47 years on this planet – the proverbial two steps forward, one step back still lands as a devastating sucker punch instead of what it really, truly is: yet another glorious sensation-filled opportunity for course correction.

Now, I need to interrupt myself for a minute – in addition to the setbacks this week, I also had a few massive breakthroughs! Why didn’t I lead with that? Especially when the breakthroughs actually outweigh the setbacks! Funny enough, each has its own batch of bruises some emotional…and some scrapes and scuffs from nailing a couple cool mountain bike stunts!

Why does deflation seem to be more effortlessly sustained than elation?
Or better yet, why do I allow it to be this way?

This week I’m committed to revamping my outlook and inviting to rapture reign…are you with me?

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