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Pre-Creation is the New Procrastination


Sometimes I’m just not feeling it. I know I have to get a blog or newsletter written and I sit my ass down to write and…NOTHING!

No matter how long I sit there, no matter how disciplined I am when it comes to my writing routine…I can’t seem to make the words appear in a lovely and engaging way.

Have you been there? Yup! I thought so.

Two weeks ago on a Facebook Live discussion Erica from Sweden brought up the topic of procrastination (Thank you Erica!). In a nutshell, Erica was seeking tools to embrace procrastination on projects she knows feel worthy and need time. She said “some days it’s flow and high energy and confidence and other days it’s a feeling of not being able to get inspiration”. Well said, Erica.

Here’s the thing…sometimes ideas, feelings and decisions need time to percolate – or as one Facebook Live viewer wrote…to marinate. As a writer, as someone creative, I view procrastination not as a negative thing, but as my brain’s way of ‘pre-creating’: filtering, mulling, contemplating, designing, pre-writing. I could be folding my laundry or hiking up a mountain near my house and even though I’m not sitting with my laptop typing words…I’m writing.

So let’s start out by not using the word procrastination any more when in fact you are incubating ideas. It’s not that the actual definition is negative; it’s the connotation or vibe we as a culture attach to the word. The dictionary definition is to delay or postpone an action but today’s definition is skewed where procrastination means wasting time, an excuse, a bad habit, laziness and my personal favorite… opportunity’s assassin. Geesh!

In a world where life is measured in accomplishments I want you to give yourself permission to slow down and take time to be. Not everyone is on the same schedule so honor your own process of ‘pre-creation”.


Well, you knew there had to be a but. There are the times where progress is better than perfection and you can’t wait for inspiration. And in those cases it’s important to look at the intention behind your procrastination. If you find yourself pushing off a task, I want you to think about your mindset and ask yourself, “Are you running from responsibility or simply taking your time and strolling towards something worth thinking about”. If the intention does not make you anxious or uncomfortable then linger in your own thoughts a little longer and wait for greatness. If it feels like this is a pattern, then explore what it is that’s creating resistance in completing your task.

I want to thank you, Erica, for sparking such an important discussion. Let’s continue this conversation here, head on over and let me know how you would redefine procrastination.

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