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My Picture In Time

Jump…And Your Life Will Appear: An Inch-by-Inch Guide To Making A Major Change is finally here – and landing in people’s hands and hearts. I am grateful for the overwhelming response and the lessons I am still learning.Jump ... And Your Life Will Appear

When I received my very first copy last week, I never expected to sit right down and read it. The whole thing. Cover to cover. In one sitting. Upon closing it, I burst into tears. It was crystal clear to me that everything I had experienced in my life, everything, led me to this very moment. I saw both the chaotic, messy backside of my tapestry with all the strings hanging off and I saw the intricate, elaborate front, showcasing my artful integration. And for the first time ever, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. It’s true what my dear friend and mentor Debbie Ford said, “Everything that has happened, is happening and will happen is in divine order for you soul’s evolution.”

As I was reading the final book, I also noticed things I wanted to edit. Not your average typo, but concepts and insights. And yet, I know that if I read this book every day, I’ll want to keep making changes to it. Because every day I am making changes to me.

So, I had to make peace with this book being out in the world exactly as it is. Not easy for a recovering Type A-perfectionist. And then I started to think of it as a photograph – a snapshot of me at a specific time. And evolving, still.

And so, my imperfect perfect book has officially launched out into the world and I am listening to people share their own stories… their steps away from self-deprivation; their change from being in a thankless, unhappy job; their turn away from a toxic relationship; and their own recovery from perfectionism.

What change are you longing to make?

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