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More on Setting Boundaries

This week my Jump! Coaching Group continues to work on boundaries. As I shared last week, setting just one new boundary can make a profound impact, and help us to develop the courage to set more.Step 5 Jump Coaching

Many of us have an interior dialogue – I call mine the “inner critic crawl” like the lines that run at the bottom of the tv screen – telling us that we’re not good enough, we’re not lovable, we’re not worthy. Refusing to set healthy boundaries – and maintain them! – is one of the primary ways we express that belief. If we want to live fulfilled lives, we have to let go of the negative beliefs about ourselves that keep attracting relationships and circumstances that reinforce that belief. We need to swap out our negative disempowering beliefs for positive and empowering ones! It’s time to believe that the needs and opinions of others are not more important or valid than our own. We have to stop taking it personally when someone disagrees with us. We have to stop believing that if we disagree with someone or ask for what we want, we’ll end up alone and unloved.

Do you struggle setting healthy boundaries?

Take a deep breath and allow yourself to see one boundary you would like to strengthen in each of the following areas of your life:
Jump! Coaching

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Family
  • Relationships
  • Work
  • Fun

As you consider the answers, allow yourself to see what will be possible for you as a result of setting and maintaining new boundaries?

Tell me: What new healthy boundary will you set this week?

And remember, each time you set a healthy boundary, you say YES to more freedom!







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