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Making Lasting Change in a Safe Space

Are you consciously relating the present to the future?

Where we are today is a culmination of the choices and decisions we’ve made, and actions we’ve taken, up to now. If we don’t change what we are doing now, nothing will be different in the future. This is motivating. When we begin with new choices and actions based on clarity of where we want to go, we can begin to make conscious and educated decisions in the present and be in service of this highest vision for ourselves.

I am here today because of my own deep work in my own internal world. Each day I get to experience decision making that relates today with tomorrow and keeps me on track for life I truly want to live. I work on this continually. I ask myself, which option will get me where I really want to go?

This is just one aspect of what we’ll be working on in my Summer 2014 Jump Group Coaching program, launching on June 10. Enrollment is open now!

I will hold a safe container where we’ll meet, speak our truth, and support each other with accountability. Having this space to be present, open and accepted as the most transparent version of ourselves is a powerful catalyst in making the shifts and changes we so deeply want and need.

As we take the steps from Jump … And Your Life Will Appear, we’ll make a commitment to reveal our deepest truths. When this happens, we release the valve on the pressure cooker inside, learn we aren’t alone, and learn we are all hiding something we think we have to in order to be loved.

Over 12 weeks we’ll weave together the threads that connect us as we set the stage for the change we want to make, the jump we want to take. Whether it’s waking up to our lives when we feel asleep, doing something we have only talked about or thought about so far, leaving a job to start a business, moving to a new state (or even country), or making a relationship change, we must first get clear about our own alignment around what’s important, create new boundaries and empowering beliefs that will move us into the future we most desire.

• Are you headed to where you want to go?
• What is aching, deep inside you that needs to be heard?
• What will be possible for you once you let that out?

As coach, I commit to hold you accountable to your commitment to yourself. I will hold your feet to the fire with grace and love.

Are you considering a change? Are you yearning for a safe place and the accountability necessary take the next step? If so, there are a few spots still open in my Summer 2014 Jump Group Coaching program. I hope you will join us and jump into the life you want to live!

Click here to join the group (limited spaces remain).

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