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Learning to Say Yes

Deepen your heart connection.One of the key ways we deepen our connection to heart, mind and soul is by learning to say “Yes!” Yes to our deepest desires, yes to the opportunities that call to us, yes to telling the truth to ourselves in every moment.

Sometimes saying “Yes” can feel like saying “No.” I had no idea my divorce would become the gateway to growth, bearing gifts of unforeseen opportunity. Crazy as it sounds, I didn’t just get divorced; I rebuilt my relationship with myself, reclaimed my dreams, and discovered new ones. I firmly believe that the many opportunities that came my way would not have happened if I had stayed in the marriage.

Closing one door – the way I closed the door on my marriage – can open so many new doors. For me, a pivotal moment came for me in the spring of 2010 when two of my coworkers at Hay House asked me to write a poem for their wedding and read it at the ceremony. Reid Tracy, the President and CEO of Hay House was there, and he said, “Oh, you’re a real poet!” Now, I had a master’s degree in poetry writing, but it took Reid saying that to me before I truly believed it. Then he started asking me to read my poems before the keynote speakers at our conferences. It was the first of many yeses I would say, even though I was scared out of my mind.

For years, people periodically asked, “When are you going to be a speaker?” I always answered, “Me? No, that’s not my thing.” But after I had read my poems on stage for a while, Reid said, “Why don’t you share some of your personal story too?” That led to my becoming a speaker on the Hay House circuit. Then he suggested I write a book of poems, and later, the two books I’ve published since.

None of these experiences were even in the realm of my desires. I could never have imagined what would happen on the other side of my greatest fear. And it all came about from making the jump and saying, “Yes!” again and again and again.

So often we automatically say no to new experiences. We don’t already know what those experiences will be like, so we fear them. But how boring would it be if we already knew what every experience would be like? There would be no magic or wonder in the world.

It’s the unknown where the mystery of life resides. The unknown holds what we wish for, because we all wish for something different. So don’t push away the unknowns. Step into the joy, richness and yumminess of life!

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