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How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Do you actually know how you like your eggs?Runaway Bride Jump! Coaching

Not they way you usually eat them, or the way that’s the least hassle to have them. I mean if no one else was around and you could have your eggs any way you desire, do you know what you’d choose?

As part of my research for an article I’m writing, I’ve been watching an inordinate amount of movies this summer. Most specifically, romantic comedies – in excess 😉

But it seems I’d left a doozy off my list that I was gratefully reminded of last weekend.

After hearing my Keynote at I Can Do It! New York, a woman came up to me and asked me about my Jump! Coaching groups.

I said, “I support people in living life on their own terms, no longer in reaction or response to anyone or anything else, so they can finally access and act on their own truth and desires.” I went on to say that for many of my clients, coaching with me is often the very first time they’ve even considered and explored what they want and like, on their own, not in relation to anyone else.

And she said, “Oh! You help people discover how they like their eggs!”

I must have given her a perplexed look, so she went on to say that that what I shared made her think of the egg scene in Runaway Bride. I hadn’t seen that movie since it came out well over a decade ago, and I didn’t remember the egg scene.

So I watched the movie again the night I got home from NYC.

Quick synopsis: Maggie (Julia Roberts) serially bolts from marriage several times before bride can become wife. Enter Ike (Richard Gere) to call her out on all her shit before, of course, falling head over heels in love with her. And she with him, of course. And the movie ends with their fully actualized wedding, of course.

Along the way, there is the issue of the eggs. Ike’s a reporter and as he interviews each of Maggie’s men, they clearly state that the way she liked her eggs was exactly the same as they did. First guy scrambled, next guy  fried, then poached.

When Ike presses Maggie, the truth gets revealed that in fact, if left to her own devices, she has absolutely no idea how she likes her eggs.

Maggie proceeds to prepare eggs for herself in every way imaginable, tasting each one to figure out for herself how she likes her eggs, no longer in relation to anyone else! And the verdict: Benedict!

As goofy as it sounds, I’m so glad that woman referenced this movie on our conversation. It really is a brilliant illustration of how so many of us go through life – by living someone else’s.

So I ask you, metaphorically of course, do you know how you like your eggs?

If you need support in giving yourself permission to finally live your own life – instead of somebody else’s – my Jump! Coaching group is here to help.

Join me and jump into the life of your dreams – if I did it, so can you!

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