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Honoring Your Resistance: Reframing Pain

A few weeks ago, one of the women in my Jump! Coaching Group posted on our private Facebook page about recurring pain she’d been having in her hips.

She wrote: “For the past year, every time I come close to a breakthrough or some type of growth, I get terrible pain in my hips. At first I thought it was a coincidence. The 7th time this happened I still found myself justifying it or making excuses for it. After last night’s group coaching call there is absolutely no denying that this has true connection to my moving forward, or attempting to. Instantly, when I was visualizing what I shared, the pain appeared in my hips. It is still here now and I am amazed that the body can react physically to such fear/resistance. In Louise Hay’s book, You Can Heal Your Life, she explains that pain in your hips is fear of moving forward! I am living proof that this is the absolute truth! Be aware of your pain girls! Fascinating!”

Almost immediately several others chimed in – with hip pain of their own!!!

Hip Problems Louise HayIncluding ME!!!

I posted right away: “Would you all believe that I too have been having left hip pain throughout this summer, for the first time in my life! It’s been going in and out but I can’t ignore it since I know from hanging at Hay House and with Louise all these years that it’s much more. So I of course consulted Louise’s Heal Your Body App (see picture) and Louise herself! She reminded me that when we don’t listen to all the whispers and we ignore all the signals, the body will take us out so that we have to pay attention.”

Here we all were, about to make our big jumps and we were face to face with our resistance — our “Fear of going forward in major decisions. Nothing to move forward to.” And this is precisely why “Honor Your Resistance” is the step right before “Jump!”

I always say that your body is the barometer of your truth. Instead of fighting the fear and resistance, invite it in, talk to it, and then be quiet and listen, your body will guide you through the portal so just surrender and allow. When I did this, opening up to see what my hip had to teach me, I became acutely aware of the accelerated change I was in the midst of and began to experience and accept it as mere growing pains. A small price to pay for launching myself full-throttle into the life of my dreams.

And so I jumped and left my job! My hip pain is still present, sporadically, and I now see it as a reminder that I’m in still in transition. I’m living in the liminal space between no longer and not yet, while fully trusting that it can take time to firmly root that suspended step. And I’m not going to rush it. I’m going to juice it and extract all there is to learn here along the way, enjoying every moment of the journey.

How can you reframe your pain? How can you see transition as an ally? What truth are you not listening to? What jump do you want to take?

Let me know. I want to hear from you.











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