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Conquering the Fears of your Heart

Just being me is enough


Florence, Italy, which is home to Michael Angelo’s gallery, bodies are birthing themselves from rough and ragged chunks of marble. They call them “Unfinished Slaves,” frozen in a state of self-excavation. I, too, was carving myself back into life, my un-lived life. My heart.

Shame and guilt forced out of me, revealing raw flesh. It was my mission reclaim the time lost; my un-lived life. Forgiveness arrived, tentatively at first. Then and now in bursts of disbelief, Inhabiting my life completely. No hiding, genuinely living has been unparalleled.

Where there once was a marriage, and now there is only me. What do I know, now? Happiness, fun, and pleasure are necessities. It is important to remember that that loss is a loss, and grief is grief. Forgiveness is the gateway to freedom and love that lie beyond. Nothing is better than living my life as it is happening. Meeting the miraculous moments as me   just me. Just being me is the only thing I ever had to do to be loved.

I know that living on the other side of my greatest fear, I can do anything if I follow my heart.

Have you noticed an area in your life where you feel stuck? Do you feel like you have fallen into a painful pattern of self-blame and self-sabotage? Are you holding onto shameful incidents from the past? Are these incidents leading you to believe that you are not worthy of or deserving of happiness? What about love, success, and financial freedom? Are there certain things that are weighing heavily on your heart?

We all know that we are hiding things that we think we need to in order to be loved and accepted. It’s time to stop hiding our true selves. Shame can’t live in the open air and light. Once your shame has a name, it immediately begins to diffuse.

Are you ready to be free and on the other side of your greatest fear, with access to all that you desire within your heart?

Join me tomorrow at 8am PT / 11am ET for my Hay House Radio Show and learn how to give yourself permission to release the shame you’ve been carrying, in service of living your liberated life.
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