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immersing and emerging 

geometry of ritual

if you get it right
there’s a chaos missing

a pose is found
in its unraveling

you may only catch
a glimpse
but progress is not
bending or reaching farther

growth resides in
recognizing enough
if you only concentrate on
touching the ground
you miss out on the limitless
grace of your experience

where you are today is only that
just because you touched your toe
in trikonasana yesterday and
do not today
does not mean

the integrity of the pose is
more important than
how far you can take it

twisting wringing drenching
reaching and releasing

skin tells the story of the body
holding the duality
in isometric force

the truth lies beyond opposites
structure  rhythm  intent

a body truly humbled
by the geometry of ritual

peace is found
when you accept vulnerability
and allow yourself to be seen
in all variations of one pose

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