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Episode 75: Underlying Commitments: What They Are, How They Keep Us Stuck & The Key to Getting Free

In this episode...

In today’s episode of Your Permission Prescription, I’m sharing a concept with you that changed my life – Underlying Commitments, or Hidden Commitments. Whenever there is a discrepancy between what we say we want and what we’re actually experiencing, there’s an old, underlying commitment holding us back. 

So, when we feel stuck, unable to make the changes we desire, it’s most likely because of a hidden commitment, not discipline or willpower. 

We believe we want one thing, but all along, we’re unconsciously committed to something else. No matter how hard we try, we still feel stuck, because some part of us is sabotaging our efforts.

Learn the framework to uncover your Underlying Commitments so you can align your commitment with your vision and finally propel yourself forward.

If you’d like a deeper exploration of this concept and others, check out my new guided journal, The Art of Change: 8 Weeks to Making a Meaningful Shift in Your Life. https://nancylevin.com/nancy-levin-books/#aoc 

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 75 to discover the Underlying Commitments keeping you stuck.

What I Discuss & Highlights From Episode 75:

  • What an Underlying Commitment is and and how it forms
  • How Underlying Commitments serve us as children, but lead to self-sabotage in us as adults.
  • The power to create any change we want is within us.
  • Discover how to uncover an underlying commitment and create a new, empowered, aligned commitment to replace it.

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