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Episode 73: Clutter, Unfinished Business, Outdated Dreams – it’s time to Calibrate

In this episode...

In today’s episode of Your Permission Prescription we’ll explore one of the Eight Dimensions of Reinvention – Calibration. Calibration is the way we gauge, assess, and adjust as we move through the process of reinvention. It’s an act of radical honesty with ourselves. 

Calibration invites us to check-in with our current pathway to ensure it still serves our vision, or course-correct if it doesn’t.

We won’t move closer to our goals if they’re not in alignment with our vision. Often, what keeps us from our vision are Incompletions. What unfinished business, loose ends, or neglected responsibilities do you have in your life?

Incompletions are opportunities for growth. They are invitations towards greater freedom and authenticity in our lives that support us in bringing our vision to fruition. So, as we become more adaptable and more present, the likelier it is that we’ll set goals that resonate with our desires.

Dive deeper into The Eight Dimensions of Reinvention inside my guided journal, The Art of Change: https://nancylevin.com/nancy-levin-books/#aoc 

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 73 to see if your life needs reinvention and calibration.

What I Discuss & Highlights From Episode 73:

  • What is Calibration and how avoiding recalibration affects your everyday life and values. 
  • What is an Incompletion and how to assess if it’s holding you back.
  • The best way to locate Incompletions and how to reframe them as opportunities.
  • Why your VISION is your guiding light, or North Star, for leading the life you desire.

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