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Episode 65: The Art of Change: My Roadmap to a More Meaningful Life

In this episode...

Next week, my sixth book comes out. It’s called The Art of Change: A Guided Journal – 8 Weeks to Making a Meaningful Shift in Your Life.

The Art of Change is a guided journal designed as a proven roadmap that will guide you to make the choices and take the actions in support of the vision and change you desire in your life. It’s completely different from anything I’ve ever written, and as a lifelong journaler, it’s been my dream come true to create this journal for you.

In this episode I share a bit about my own author journey and how I got to where I am today.

And if you’re interested in The Art of Change, you can grab your copy at nancylevin.com/journal.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 65 to learn about my upcoming book.

What I Discuss & Highlights From Episode 65:

  • More about my upcoming book, The Art of Change: A Guided Journal – 8 Weeks to Making a Meaningful Shift in Your Life
  • My author journey, and how I arrived here despite never expecting to become a published author
  • How I designed The Art of Change to help you achieve a meaningful shift in your life in just 8 weeks
  • Why I chose to include bite-sized, realistic, doable, daily prompts that invite you to engage in your own self inquiry and self-discovery
  • The true story of how my writing career began by reading a poem right before I introduced Wayne Dyer at a Hay House event

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