Surviving Your Business Growth Spurt with Karen Sergeant


Surviving Your Business Growth Spurt with Karen Sergeant

In this episode...

I used to see myself as an author and a coach, until Karen Sergeant encouraged me to step into the role of CEO. As a result, I’m no longer a bottleneck in my own business—plus, I have more time to do the most important tasks that only I can do.

Karen is full of amazing advice like this.

She worked in Silicon Valley during the dot-com boom, then worked in counterterrorism for years after 9/11. Today, she’s a growth strategist and advisory COO who helps businesses grow – and survive those growth spurts that can sometimes feel like  too much for a new business to handle.

Tune in to hear her advice on scaling your business sanely and sustainably.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 64 to get Karen’s insights on how to grow your business.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 64:

  • How your approach to scaling a business needs to be different from the approach you used to start it
  • When it’s important for a business owner to say “No” to a lot of things, keep focused, and double down on what’s working
  • How to know when your “scrappy MacGyver habits” are limiting your impact
  • Leveraging the Pareto Principle to achieve your goals more efficiently
  • Using the 4 Cs and the 80/20 Principle to double down on what you do best in your business

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