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Episode 49: F the Shoulds and Do the Wants with Tricia Huffman

In this episode...

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or even oppressed by all the “shoulds” in your life?

You should order the salad, you should work out today, you should work late on that project, you should clean the house, you should, you should, you should.

Well, according to today’s guest—rock-and-roll roadie turned “joyologist” Tricia Huffman—all those “shoulds” are causing nothing but mayhem and misery in our lives.

Instead, we need to do a better job of getting back to ourselves and understanding what we want, what we need, and why.

When we focus on what we really want, it empowers us to finally embrace and own our true selves—not the selves we try to project to the world because we think that’s who we “should” be.

It’s a wonderful message and a brilliant way to own who we really are each and every day.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 49 to learn how to open up to your true wants and embrace who you really are:

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 49:

  • How your “shoulds” are causing doubt, fear, resentment, and shame in your life
  • Why we sometimes just need to stop and ask ourselves: “What do I want?”
  • How to stop beating yourself up over what’s already happened
  • The easily overlooked important of understanding why we want what we want
  • And much more!

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