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Episode 47: The Big Myth About Life Coaching

In this episode...

In this episode, Nancy talks about one of the most common and hard-to-spot myths about the relationship between a life coach and their client.

Many people assume the job of a life coach is to give advice. To provide answers. But there’s a big problem with this approach: it just doesn’t work.

See, one of the fundamental truths about the coaching relationship is that the client is always the expert on themselves. This means that the coach can’t just show up with all the answers.

The coach may think they have all the answers, but what they really have is the answer for their life—which is very different from the client’s life.

Instead, what a life coach needs to do is to show up without an agenda, help guide the client to find their own inner wisdom, then hold them accountable to the commitment they’ve made to themselves in order to make their changes a reality.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 47 to learn the truth about how to approach a life coaching relationship in a way that leads to better results that are more consistent with the client’s beliefs and goals.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 47:

  • Why a good life coaching session is less about giving advice, and more about guiding the client to discover their own inner knowledge
  • The difference between advice, suggestions, and examples—and why it’s important
  • Some of the sneaky ways that life coaches can inadvertently bring their own agenda to a coaching session, and why this never a good thing
  • Why it’s so important for coaches to hold their clients accountable and responsible for creating change in their own lives
  • What you need to know about the life coach-client relationship if you’re considering becoming a coach or hiring one

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