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Episode 43: The Difference Between Therapy and Life Coaching

In this episode...

What’s the difference between coaching and therapy? If I’m a therapist, should I also become a life coach? What would the benefit be to my clients and to me? In today’s episode I discuss the answers to these questions and much more as we explore the key differences between coaching and therapy.

Additionally, I’m discussing the growing trend of therapists integrating life coaching into their practices. Some even decide to give up therapy altogether to focus on life coaching. I’m also covering what to look for around whether a person requires therapy or coaching. I offer questions coaches and therapists can use to determine what potential clients need.

Both therapists and coaches are absolutely vital, each with their own unique role to play in helping people live fulfilling lives. In this episode you’ll learn the differences between therapy and life coaching, how they compliment each other, and the specific benefit each has in people’s lives.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription Episode 43 if you’ve ever wondered what the difference is between therapy and coaching, and especially be sure to listen if you’re a therapist questioning whether to integrate life coaching into your service model.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 43:

  • The main differences between therapy and coaching
  • The growing trend of therapists incorporating coaching into their practices and the benefits they are experiencing
  • What type of client benefits most from coaching vs. what type of client benefits most from therapy
  • How to determine whether potential clients require coaching or therapy
  • What the collaborative process between coaches and their clients looks like

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