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Episode 38: How to Create Sustainable Communities with Linda Perry

In this episode...

I’m joined in Episode 38 of Your Permission Prescription by my dear friend and Levin Life Coach Academy collaborator Linda Perry for a deep conversation about why creating sustainable communities is so important. Linda is a Master Coach & Business Strategist, and she’s bringing lessons learned from years of experience in helping build powerful communities.

When we met, Linda and I both admit we were not “group people.” However, our perspective quickly changed when we learned that groups can serve as powerful scaffolding around us as we are rebuilding or reinventing our lives.

The right group will give you permission to explore new possibilities for yourself, and we can then leverage that wisdom and strength to encourage others as well.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 38 to learn our best techniques for creating powerful communities.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 38:

  • How to create sustainable communities that serve us personally and professionally
  • Why creating community is really about what you’re able to give, not receive
  • The difference between communities that are competitive vs. collaborative
  • Why vulnerability is so important in creating a group that nourishes, motivates, inspires, and connects us to the people we are meant to build with.

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