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Episode 36: Live Coaching: Finding Your Vision, Reclaiming Your Life, and Being Fearlessly Authentic

In this episode...

Today I am talking with two different Natalies who share a similar struggle of allowing the opinions and needs of others to determine their actions.

Natalie S. is afraid she does not have a clear vision. She’s been putting the needs of others ahead of her own for so long, she’s unsure how to start putting her own needs first.

Together we uncover that the lack of life and excitement she’s feeling inside is actually due to her not paying attention to the parts of herself that are most alive — and how to remedy that.

Natalie G. is a new life coach who is looking for guidance on how to change the lens through which people see her. She knows authenticity is the key to connection, and recognizes the vulnerability that comes with itt can be an uncomfortable feeling to face.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 36 to learn how to put yourself first, regardless of what others may think.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 36:

  • How referencing other’s needs when considering our own gives our power away (and how to reclaim it!)
  • Why authenticity and vulnerability create a magnetic pull towards us – despite our fear that it might be a repellant
  • Why focusing on the things that make us feel most alive – and taking micro actions towards these feelings each day – can spark the force of inspiration in our lives

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