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Episode 20: The Morning Routine That Transformed My Day

In this episode...

The way we wake up sets the tone for the whole day — so in this episode of Your Permission Prescription, I’m sharing my personal non-negotiable morning routine!

Learn how carving out even a little bit of time for yourself first thing can bring a measure of calm to your morning. (And here’s a secret: This is really about intentionality, so if a chaotic a.m. is unavoidable right now, don’t worry… your “morning routine” can come later in the day!)

Whatever your circumstances, I promise this one shift can change your whole day.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 20 to learn how to give yourself permission to slow down and enjoy your morning.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 20:

  • The simple, sustainable practices that help me feel grounded and energized when I start my day.
  • How carving out time for yourself is excellent practice in setting and upholding healthy boundaries.
  • Flipping the script and rewriting the stories we tell ourselves about why we don’t have time for ourselves.
  • Why (and how) my morning routine actually begins the night before.

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