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Episode 136: From Material Success to Meaningful Impact with Rodric LenhartEpisode 136: 

In this episode...

I’m excited to share something I’ve never done before! This week’s episode is a collaboration with Rodric Lenhart, bestselling author of Million Dollar Flip Flops and entrepreneurial coach. As a fellow podcast host we’ve decided to create a 2 for 1 experience where you can listen to both of our podcast episodes all in one!

In the first part of the episode, you’ll listen to Rodric interview me about my journey as a coach and author, the important role of shadow work, and how it can play in optimizing your capacity to run a business. 

In the second part, I interview Rodric where we discuss Rodric’s powerful journey as an entrepreneur and where it led him today, the proven methods he uses while guiding entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to their authentic values, and his experience launching his first book. 

Listen to The Nancy Levin Show: Episode 136 to learn more about Rodric’s work and of course, a little more about me! 

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 136:

  • Rodric Lehnarts journey as an author, coach and speaker
  • The role shadow work can play in the entrepreneurial space
  • Rodric’s methods and resources to solidifying your values and purpose
  • Rodric’s experience launching his book, Million Dollar Flip Flops

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