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Episode 134: Resolutions Out, Non-Negotiables In

In this episode...

Like clockwork, every year around this time I begin to hear all of the resolutions planned for the upcoming new year. It’s an age-old tradition that shows our excitement and motivation to make changes for ourselves. But this year, I invite you to ditch the resolutions. 

Resolutions tend to box us into rigid, all-or-nothing thinking, which can lead to disappointment and feeling restricted. But non-negotiables, now that’s where the magic happens! In this episode, I’m sharing why shifting your mindset from creating resolutions to upholding non-negotiables is the power you need to create lasting change this year. I share what non-negotiables are, the power they bring to your life, and a few key non-negotiables of my own. 

Listen to The Nancy Levin Show: Episode 134 to ditch your resolutions and welcome in your non-negotiables

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 134:

  • Resolutions vs Non-Negotiables
  • Starting small & building gradually 
  • My own non-negotiables 
  • Setting boundaries in service of non-negotiables
  • The importance of self-care

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