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Episode 117: Your LLCA Support System with Michael Mammina

In this episode...

In this week’s episode of Your Permission Prescription, I’m joined by Michael Mammina, Certified Levin Life Coach, LLCA Mentor and LLCA Student Coordinator.

Michael and I dive into his journey of becoming an LLCA certified coach, the personal impact of being an LLCA mentor, and his essential role as the LLCA Student Coordinator.  You’ll learn the inside scoop on what makes LLCA different from other certification programs, the ongoing support you receive, and the community you gain when you enroll in LLCA. 

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 117 to learn more about what you can expect inside Levin Life Coach Academy.

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What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 117:

  • Michael’s journey to becoming an LLCA Certified Coach and mentor
  • What makes LLCA different from other programs
  • LLCA’s high-touch support for success
  • The community created within LLCA
  • Enrollment for LLCA is opening soon!

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