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Episode 106: Refilling Your Cup with Jenny Gwinn McGlothern

In this episode...

In this week’s episode of Your Permission Prescription, I’m joined by life coach, retreat host,  and author, Jenny Gwinn McGlothern. We talk about her new book Mama Needs A Refill: Finding Light in The Midst of Madness and the balance that comes with caring for others while caring for yourself. We discuss the wakeup calls that propelled her to make change, the steps she takes to ensure her cup is full, and how self-connection is a catalyst for embodying the best version of you. 

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 106 to learn how you can refill your cup and start showing up for yourself.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 106:

  • Jenny’s personal wake-up call to start putting herself first
  • Seeking a spiritual connection
  • Being a model for selfish behavior 
  • The importance of self-connection
  • Jenny’s book, Mama Needs A Refill

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