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Embrace the Unknown

Embrace the Unknown!If your life were a house, would it have been condemned long ago?

If so, it’s time to make a different choice.

When you choose to do even one thing differently, you take a step toward dissembling structures you’ve had in place for a while – probably many years.

Releasing our fears about jumping into the unknown is certainly easier said than done.

We want to know.
We want an ironclad guarantee that where we’re going will better than what we’re leaving.
But knowing is limiting. It’s the unknown where the mystery of life resides.
It’s time to become more comfortable with spontaneity and the invitation to change.

I discovered that if you aim your compass at chaos, a map to peace will present itself.

You can anchor yourself by engaging in self-nourishing rituals like meditating, journaling, enjoying your usual cup of coffee or tea in the morning, walking in nature, dancing, watching your favorite television show, relaxing with a good friend…

For now, I’m only asking you to do one thing differently. And while it doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, it needs to be a bit of a challenge. Don’t let the fear of repercussions cause you to choose something that is too easy. Pick something that feels at least a little bit edgy.

The unknown holds what you wish for, so don’t push it away.

You’re building a muscle here by learning how to make different choices on an on-going basis, every day, for the rest of your life.

New and unprecedented choices lead to a new and unprecedented life. 

When your “change muscle” becomes stronger, you’ll be less likely to get stuck in circumstances that hold you back or keep you small. If you know how to make little changes, you can make adjustments as you go and follow a dynamic path based on courage and freedom.

Try it! Make one different choice and see how your life changes.

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