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Earning Fifty and Really Owning It

This past Sunday night I attended a community gathering in Boulder, that I’ve frequented in the past, to practice a group process. During the first “round” there were five of us and I found myself seated between two bright beautiful young women in their early 20’s.

Oh wait, have I mentioned that I’m turning 50 later this month?

And that I’ve been having a lot of feelings about it?

Earning Fifty and Really Owning ItSix weeks ago I uncontrollably sobbed my way through my niece’s Bat Mitzvah, deeply present to the fact that she has her whole life ahead of her still, while most of mine is behind me now. And since then I’ve been living the wonder of how to be with all that I feel around aging as it impacts my time, love, work, play, purpose, commitment, calling, legacy… and I have to admit I’ve had fluctuating moments of up and down. I can feel the freedom of 50 with its “I don’t give a f***” yet I also notice the undeniable physicality of gray hair and gravity. And, after a conversation last week with my dear 88-year old friend Louise Hay (who has recently declared her name change to Louise “Play” from now on!), I was desiring a full reframe view of 50 replete with all its bells and whistles.

Enter these two young women I mentioned earlier. For a significant part of the 45-minute practice, I held their hands. As we transparently talked and listened, I felt profound compassion for my younger self. Through our sharing, I noticed – in real time – the visceral loading-in of acceptance and surrender that comes with earning my 50, really owning it and all that it offers now.

This knowing, at the heart of my power center, is what propels me in service of us.

Precisely what I’d been longing for without any idea of how to “make” it happen and I couldn’t have arrived here without their reflection, the most sacred gift we can give one another.

And it’s the gift I’m offering you. I invite you to join one of my upcoming Jump! Coaching Groups so that you too can experience the inner work necessary to propel you off your next precipice into flight and freedom. All in the safety of a supportive, intimate community devoted to sharing, reflecting and expanding along the journey.

And if you’re not quite ready to Jump! into a group yet, I’m making myself available to you on a complimentary coaching call – there are 7 to choose from and you can pick the one that’s best for you  right here.

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