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Use your intuition to set you free!Jumping requires faith. Faith that when you jump, there will be a net, you will not be destroyed, that you will sail and fly.

Your first leap of faith is to admit to yourself what you already know. The result is enormously freeing, and is the primary stepping-stone to true freedom.

The second, more challenging, step is to tell the truth to someone safe. Here is where your intuitive gifts kick in. Really consider who might be the best person to trust with your truth. Take some time to journal or meditate on this. If you can’t think of the right person now, continue to be open and I firmly believe the right person will come to mind.

You’ll be amazed at how freeing it is when you tell the truth and are met with the empathy of someone you trust. I know that for me, the truth suddenly felt like a weight I could no longer bear by myself. I had always assumed everyone would turn away from me if they found out. I assumed I’d be left alone. Far from it, when I finally told the truth, I was offered loving support and advice!

By telling someone, I finally allowed myself to be vulnerable. Rather than trying to control everything in my life, I confided in someone else and let them in to see the authentic me. It was hard, but when you choose someone safe – someone who loves you and won’t judge you – they will see your humanness and have compassion for you on a deep, genuine level.

Now that you are truly “seen” – and you survived it — you will feel yourself empowered to take the next steps and make different choices about your life. Again, your intuition and internal guidance will help you move toward the choices that are most freeing.

Are you ready? If not, don’t worry – we’re never really ready. Remember that the process is inch-by-inch, so you can take as much time as you need. (It took me two years to really make the leap of my lifetime.) When you are ready to jump, your intuition, that internal voice we all have, will be an invaluable guide along the way.

When you connect with your intuition, you’ll tap into an invaluable guide for your journey to your authentic self and the life you desire. As you choose the people who create your safety net and make the new choices that support your new life, connecting with your intuitive and energetic guidance is an important tool for self-discovery.

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