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Discover Your Heart’s Desire

Get the support you need!Commitment, Accountability, Action, Support. These are the four pillars of any coaching relationship.

It all begins with your commitment to your own evolution. And then, as a coach, my commitment to hold you accountable.

I’ve learned that, in life, we get what we’re committed to at the deepest level. And sometimes that doesn’t look like what we say we want. We say we’re committed to happiness, but deep down, we’re actually committed to something else – like being indispensable, staying safe, or putting others’ needs ahead of our own. Generally these commitments go hand in hand with limiting shadow beliefs developed in childhood.

So check your commitments. What do you get in life repeatedly that you don’t want? Typically those experiences are reflective of your deepest commitments… and you can choose to change those commitments to serve the life you desire instead of sabotaging it.

Once you make a new empowering commitment to yourself, the next step is being accountable and allowing other, who are safe, to bear witness your truth. You no longer have to carry the burden of the truth alone.

The simple act of confiding in someone else is a way of leaping toward freedom. Once you have seen the truth for yourself, and confided in someone else, you have the accountability in place to change your behavior and your situation.

Knowing the truth is one thing, acting to create change is another! When you want to be held accountable for keeping your commitments to yourself, you need solid action steps that move you in the right direction. Change doesn’t have to be earth-shattering, but don’t let the fear of repercussions cause you to choose something too easy.

As one of my clients noted: “Healing takes courage. Hope takes action. Life is waiting for you to answer. My advice is: Keep going.”

And, of course, as you are making the changes you desire, whether it’s jumping into a whole new life or opening your arms to the abundance of your own self-worth, support from others is key. The encouragement you get from a good coaching relationship, combined with gentle, focused accountability to yourself, will give you the support to take the actions you need to discover your heart’s desire. You deserve it!

If you are ready to discover your heart’s desire, working with a coach can give you the structure you need to make your dreams come true. By helping you discover your true commitments, holding you accountable to the actions you must take to keep your commitments to yourself, and supporting you on your journey, a coach can help you move into the life you’ve always wanted.

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