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Choose Joy and Excitement in the New Year!

None of us likes change. Our natural impulse is to come up with all sorts of reasons why we should stay right where we are. So, especially around this time of year, you can expect your mind to start making a case (if it hasn’t already) for why change is impossible and why you shouldn’t do it.

It happens when we’re caught in a cycle of resistance—wanting to move powerfully forward, but feeling held back or afraid.

You’ll have to keep reminding yourself of what you want and why the change is necessary…. in spite of your resistance. And, yes, you’ll have to keep choosing, every day and every moment, to move forward—toward the future you most desire.

How do you know if you’re in resistance? Here are a few clues:

  • If you’re making excuses for why you can’t change
  • If you feel defeated before you even begin
  • If you want to embrace change but fear letting go of the familiar
  • If you’re trying to convince yourself that your current way of life isn’t so bad

What to do when resistance and fear rear their gnarly heads?

Do what I do.

I literally say— out loud—to those self-destructive voices, “Hi. I’ve been expecting you. I’m turning your volume all the way down. We’re not doing this anymore. It’s time to make choices that serve me instead of sabotage me, and I’m starting now!”

When you make a change in your life—big or small—those voices get louder. They’re trying desperately to pull you back into what they believe is safety. But remember that this fear is irrational; it’s a retreat from life. Plus, it doesn’t actually help you avoid pain. It does, however, prevent you from experiencing as much joy and excitement and growth in your life as you could.

Change will come with grace and ease when you own your worthiness and honor your desire to be free more than feeling safe, comfortable and stuck right where you are!

It’s time to unwrap and reveal the real authentic YOU!

I’m here to support you as you move forward toward your oh so worthy future self in 2017. You deserve it!

 Join me for my next Complimentary Worthy Group Coaching Call and reclaim your self-worth!

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