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Sacred Reminders: The Secret Weapon of Love

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In July, I spent four days in Santa Fe marinating with five other magnificent women in the magical Gail Larsen’s Transformational Speaking immersion. From morning til night we dug deep together, excavating our own interior landscape which led to unearthing our core message and original medicine. We experimented and explored new ways of delivering our […]

My Trancen–Dental Experience

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For as long as I can remember, the tooth just off to the right of my two front teeth has been dark and discolored. In every photo of myself (that’s not magically retouched) it’s always been the very first thing I see if I’ve somehow forgotten to smile with my mouth closed. I’ve received plenty […]

Honoring Your Resistance: Reframing Pain

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A few weeks ago, one of the women in my Jump! Coaching Group posted on our private Facebook page about recurring pain she’d been having in her hips. She wrote: “For the past year, every time I come close to a breakthrough or some type of growth, I get terrible pain in my hips. At […]

My Summer Jump! Coaching Group has made the JUMP!!! Woo Hoo!!!

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This week we focus on what comes after the jump, making a graceful exit. It’s in this liminal space – between no longer and not yet – where self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness is most critical. And with the death of Robin Williams last week reverberating around the world, there’s no better way we can honor […]

I’m Shooting a TV Show!

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I’m shooting a TV show and we need you to come and fill one of our seats!  TORONTO, ON, CANADA Thursday Aug 6th Friday Aug 7th I am going to be in Toronto next week with my dear friend Colette Baron-Reid shooting the first episode of her new TV show – Messages From Spirit. So if you live […]

Are You Committed to Your Non-Negotiables?

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Although I’m an early riser and definitely a morning person, I’ve never been a roll-out-of-bed-and-go kinda girl. I like to take my time…to ritualistically have my coffee, write in my journal, look out my big picture window at Boulder Creek and the Rocky Mountain Foothills (when I’m actually home, that is.) Even if I have […]

Hay House Present Moments Newsletter by Reid Tracy

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Re-printed with permission from the May 5th edition of the Present Moments Newsletter from Hay House for the upcoming Hay House World Summit.  To join the mailing list and learn more, visit the Hay House World Summit site. “All the gold stars in the world cannot earn me the recognition that can only be found within my […]

Courage: Igniting Self-Confidence

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“We are all stronger than we can ever imag­ine being. Every choice matters starting with today. And today, I choose to live.” —Debbie Ford, COURAGE  Two weekends ago, at Hay House’s I Can Do It! conference in Denver, I had the thrilling honor and opportunity to offer my first workshop on my new book, Jump […]