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Can you continue on with courage?

resistanceI had a massive breakthrough this past weekend at I Can Do It! Denver.

A few months ago I invited my beau to join me at the conference, given that it’s so close to home, and that way he could finally see my Hay House world and meet my peeps.

Oh, and um, see me speak.

OMG. What was I thinking?

It didn’t take long for the resistance and fear set in…and they set in hard. The voices were loud. All the “What ifs?” followed by “Are you crazy, you can’t let him see you in your other habitat!”

Well, over time, I’ve come to realize that it’s natural to feel ambivalent about important decisions.

I kept going back and forth, wanting him to come and wanting him to stay home.

The truth is that I had resistance to him accompanying me…and I had resistance to keeping my worlds separate any longer.

This kind of inner conflict is one of the ways we stay stuck. As long as we’re sitting on the fence, we don’t have to pick a side, hop down, and get on with our lives.

When you make a choice leading to big change in your life (and sometimes even when you make a small change) the voices escalate and amplify. They’re trying desperately to pull you back into what they believe is safety. But remember that this fear is irrational; it’s a retreat from life. Plus, it doesn’t actually help you avoid pain. It does, however, prevent you from experiencing as much joy and excitement and growth in your life as you could.

You may never be able to silence those voices, but you can learn to pay less attention to them…by first giving them all the attention they need. Acknowledge and honor them fully instead of pushing them away…and then continue on with courage. Give gratitude to your resistance and it will move you forward to make the change you desire.

Remember, your resistance is that it isn’t necessarily a sign you should abandon your plan to jump. The unknown is very uncomfortable, but it’s where possibility and opportunity are born.

Be patient with yourself. It may take a while to surrender in the places you are feeling resistant. Letting go of the past takes time. Even if it takes a long time, you’ll get to a place of surrender. The past will release its grip on you. In the meantime, you must make the choice to jump because jumping is what facilitates the process of letting go of the past.

Disengage from your inner stalemates and make the best decision for yourself. In other words, honor your resistance and jump anyway!

Deep down I do know that I won’t be loved for the fullness of who I am unless I reveal all of who I am. And in the end, he came to the conference with me and it was better than I could have ever imagined. As he said to me on our last morning there, “Who would have thought that you bringing me here would have actually brought us closer together?” {swoon}

So, when the voices of resistance call out, can you honor them and then continue on with courage? Join the conversation with me on Facebook.

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