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Begin with One Different Choice

Inner Peace

When we first begin making different choices–even one different choice–and start taking back control of our lives, it can initially feel like we are losing control. We’re often outside our comfort zone and we seldom have any idea what to expect from the future. Eventually, if we persevere, we learn that it’s an illusion to think we were in any kind of control at all.

In reality, we’re actually less in control when we hold rigidly to the familiar, enslaved by fear and not free to move with the pulse of life.

On the other hand, when we let go and surrender into the arms of the unfamiliar, we enter the flow. We can follow our truth and our desire, creating the kind of life we most want—a life filled with possibility and enjoyment rather than tension and terror.

Stop sacrificing your inner peace in hopes of outer peace. That outer peace is, more often than not, dictated by someone else and not by our own needs.

When we choose comfort it means replaying the same pattern over and over. We already know our outcomes from the patterns we’ve been living. It’s not until we make a different choice that we can design a new ending to our stories.

Making one different choice can have an enormous impact as we move toward jumping into our new, better lives.

Choosing to do one thing differently is the starting point that leads us to the next steps. We dissolve patterns and prove to ourselves that there is life beyond the familiar.

I’m not going to pretend that dissolving patterns is always a smooth process; often, it’s anything but. And some of the people around you may be confused once you change the rules of the game.

Are you sacrificing your inner peace in hopes of outer peace?

Tell me below, I want to know: What’s the most self-honoring choice you can make today?

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