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Are You Supported As You Grow and Change?

I started working on my next book!!!

Holed up together at my place in Boulder for the last few days of 2014, my editor – who also happens to be my dearest of friends – and I created the detailed outline that is now my roadmap for writing.Collaborative Effort

One of my true triumphs over the past eighteen months has been embracing collaboration. Having spent much of my life a lone wolf when it comes to creation and productivity – an unfortunate by-product of being a perfectionist and people-pleaser convinced she has to do everything herself – I slowly but surely started to experience the joy of bouncing ideas around, staying open and grateful for the expanded possibilities available when I stepped out of the confines of my own head. Quite a stretch, let me tell you, for someone self-described at one point as “does not play well with others”.

Collaboration has taught me tolerance, patience, humility, trust, faith. I have learned that fumbling in frustration leads to riffing and refining as long as I stay fluid. I now see how two heads really are better than one…and three or more can actually be even better. I get that a concept, project or plan can truly be executed more efficiently by welcoming our differences instead of staying stuck in fear and annoyance around them. While working with others will likely push buttons, activate insecurity and hold up a mirror reflecting our underdeveloped areas, engaged co-creative collaboration has the capacity to be immensely rewarding, nourishing, nurturing and fun too.

Heading into 2015, as I embark on several endeavors that require teamwork, I vow to up my game knowing that the alchemy created by collaboration is fertile ground for true transformation – mine, theirs and ours. It’s ripe for possibility. I have seen it time and time again in my coaching groups on Facebook. Even after the coaching period ends, this fertile ground continues to change lives as we carry on, forward, together. These communities provide feedback, encouragement, and support in ways I had not imagined at their inception. More heads are certainly better than one, and walking with others is so much easier than walking alone. Each group is, inevitably, a gift to itself.

My next group is launching January 22nd and the final, free call is today, Wednesday, January 7th. If you would like to experience first hand what opportunity awaits you in making a change within a supportive community, within my Jump! Coaching group, this is your chance. To join us, simply register here.

Are you ready to embrace collaboration and get the support you need to Jump! into your future?


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