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Are You Ready to Shift Your Life?

I’m writing this on my flight back from London, which proved to be a pivotal experience for me.

Rarely in our lives do we find ourselves in the real-time of experiencing a moment of true transformation. And having the honor of speaking at Hay House UK’s ignite conference was one of those moments.

As most of you reading this know, up until last August I had been the Event Director at Hay House for 12 years. In fact, I co-created this ‘Ignite’ concept and conference in response to Louise’s desire to reach a younger audience so they could begin doing their inner work earlier and potentially avoid a mid-life crisis. My dear dear friend Patty, VP of Editorial at Hay House, and I set out to assemble and curate the next wave of authors and teachers, and in 2012 I produced and spoke at the first ‘Ignite’ conference in the States.

While sitting in my hotel room on Saturday morning, just a few hours before taking the stage, I was contemplating all that was in my heart to share. I burst into tears.

Reading through my notes and reflecting on my thoughts landed inside in me as a massive life-review. I had been to London many times before but always accompanying, organizing and supporting others. To be there this time, on my own, to be the one delivering my message with my first one-hour keynote ever…well, surreal doesn’t begin to express the feeling.

I shared this all transparently with the audience and let them know, as my story surely revealed, that all these self-empowerment books and events – and everything under the Hay House roof, really – I’m living proof that this shit works!MAR

The next time you find yourself in one of those real-time transformational moments, I encourage you to stop… and allow it all to soak in. Stop… and realize how far you have come. Stop… and notice how it feels. Stop… and acknowledge the steps that brought you to where you now stand.

This could be a moment like that for you…when your whole life shifts… are you ready?

Let’s find out together… allow me to coach you through your own inner work and into your very own real-time transformational moment.

Join me on one of my free coaching calls… see if this is your moment to be part of my next coaching group jumping into true transformation.

Join me on my weekly Hay House Radio show Jump Start Your Life – Thursdays at 8 am pt/11 am et. On tomorrow’s show I’ll be sharing my own personal journey of transition and change…and I want to hear from you to support you in making the shift!




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