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Are You Living In Reaction or Taking Action?

  • Are you constantly responding to people, situations and circumstances coming at you?
  • Do you wait for others to make decisions first and then just defer to their choices?
  • Are you chasing gold stars?
  • Do you feel responsible for catering to everyone else before yourself, believing that their wants, needs and desires are more important than yours?
  • Are you afraid to speak up and offer your opinion?
  • Is overwhelm your most familiar state?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above it’s likely that you’re living in reaction.

How do I know? I used to do all of these!

I had this pattern of cutting off my own freedom because I thought I needed restriction in order to feel safe. I was a world-class people pleaser and looked outside myself for validation. I was afraid to give voice to my truth. All of this  ultimately translated into a choice I made to live someone else’s life.

How did I stop?

It took getting really clear about my own truth and desires and no longer allowing anyone or anything else to cut me off from my freedom.  As well as a deep commitment to myself not to ever curtail my own freedom again.

Living in reaction disempowers us and puts our worthiness in the hands of others. While taking action invites us to move in alignment with our own authentic agency, truth and desires. Taking action is the way we take responsibility for our lives.

I learned that everything depends upon responsibility and choice. 

If we can agree that where we are today is the culmination of our choices, decisions and actions up until now, then it only goes to prove that if we don’t to anything different in the present moment, our future will arrive looking very much like our past. Our present moment choices are our greatest predictor of the future, our crystal ball if you will.

What choices and decisions would you make if you were living on your own terms instead of in response to everyone and everything thing around you, if you were stepping into full responsibility for your life?

Allow yourself to be drawn by the gravitational pull of a positive future and imagine what it would be like to let go of fear and live the life you most desire.

When we’re hiding from our truth, we create chaos.

We all believe there are things about us we need to hide, detours we need to take to sidestep the truth. So we willingly abandon ourselves along the way, in order to be loved and accepted.

Imagine what would be available to you if you lived your life in alignment with the truth you already know inside you.

I invite you to see if you’re willing to reveal what is hidden, regardless of what anyone else thinks. 

It starts with making one different choice. 

Remember: Your greatest gift is giving voice to your truth. And when you do – when you say yes to you – there is no wrong way to live your life. 

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