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Week 7: Self-Confidence

Welcome to the penultimate week of The Art of Change Book Club!

If you recall, in Week 4 you learned to embrace your rejected qualities in order to build a sense of self-worth that is inherent and unshakeable.

This week, we’re picking that thread back up with the seventh dimension of reinvention: self-confidence.

Week 7: Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is the power to be who you are and to accept it without fear of judgment. 

When we addressed our self-worth, we worked on owning our strengths and weaknesses. Now, we’re going to learn how to embody and openly express them.

Our struggles with self-confidence come from the belief that we have to hide parts of ourselves in order to be loved and accepted. So we build up personas that we think will make us more digestible to others.

By doing this, we are denying our truth and that causes a build-up of pressure.

This week, it’s time to relieve that pressure through the practice of self-forgiveness.

 Start by identifying the personas you’ve adopted throughout your life. 

  • Which roles or personas do you play in your life? Perhaps you identify as a partner, a parent, a fixer, a superhero? 
  • How do you feel restricted as a result of these identities?
  • What is the personal cost of creating and maintaining these roles?

Now, close your eyes and open yourself to your truth.

What parts of you long to be expressed? What roles have you been taking on (and which boundaries of your own have you been crossing) that you feel you need to forgive yourself for? What’s possible for you when you forgive yourself and stand in the truth of who you are?

Self-forgiveness is the path to self-confidence. It gives you the wisdom and perspective to live in the world exactly as it is, and as you are.

Are you ready to tap into your own self-trust and self-confidence? Pick up my book The Art of Change for the full week of prompts and exercises that will help you stand with courage in the truth of your wholeness.

Until next week.



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