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Week 3: Beliefs

Thank you for joining me for week 3 of The Art of Change Book Club!

So far, we’ve explored how to reconnect with our authentic desires to create real and lasting change, and how to calibrate with our vision by acknowledging our incompletions.

Today, we’ll look at the main driver behind our choices and actions—the third dimension of reinvention: our beliefs.

Week 3: Beliefs

Our beliefs are long-held ideas about the way the world works, and our role in it. They usually linger in our unconscious, but they become evident through our actions, and they inform every choice that we make.

The tricky thing about our beliefs is that they can feel true even when they’re not. 

In The Art of Change, I refer to these untrue beliefs as limiting beliefs or shadow beliefs.  They inform what we think we should and should not be, what we think we are and are not capable of.

The good news is that as adults, we can choose to consciously create new beliefs to replace the old ones!

This week, give yourself the opportunity to shape your inner world in a way that benefits you by exploring the shadow beliefs you currently hold. 

Try this exercise to get started:

  • Identify one limiting belief that you hold about yourself. Is it that you’re too young (or too old) for reinvention? Or that you’re not capable of change? Dig deep and be honest.
  • Notice how that belief might be getting in the way of fulfilling your vision. How does that belief impact your sense of self-worth? (Spoiler: we’ll be talking more about self-worth next week!)

Now, relax your mind and open yourself to the possibility of change. What new belief can you create to take the place of the old one?

Can you turn the old belief on its head or reframe it to lean in a more positive direction? 

What small action can you take this week to cement that new belief in your mind?

Your beliefs will be an essential part of the foundation for your reinvention over the next several weeks. They will influence the choices and actions you take to keep yourself calibrated with your vision.

The Art of Change includes a more thorough exploration on how our belief systems develop and the things we can do to change them. If you haven’t picked up your copy yet, now is a great time to do so.

Until next week.



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