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Week 2: Calibration

Welcome to the second week of The Art of Change Book Club!

Last week, you learned how to reconnect with your vision by plugging into your authentic desires and giving yourself permission to want.

This week, our focus is on how to stay aligned with that vision through the second dimension of reinvention: calibration.

Week 2: Calibration

Calibration is the way we gauge, assess, and adjust as we move through the process of reinvention. If vision is your true north, then calibration is the compass that keeps you pointed in the right direction.

Often, it can be difficult to calibrate because we are not accurately assessing our lives as they are. This is because we hang on to unfinished business that creates clutter (external and internal) in the present. In The Art of Change, I call this unfinished business incompletions.

Throughout this next week, give yourself the gift of your own attention by diving deep into your incompletions.

With your vision in mind, take a deep breath and bring into your awareness where in your life you feel most weighed down. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there something in your life that once felt important, but no longer needs your attention? What is it?
  • What’s one piece of internal clutter that you are still holding onto? Is it a grudge? Resentment? A broken agreement?

Now, I invite you to take a moment and allow yourself to release what no longer serves. Next, identify a specific action you will take to clean up your internal clutter. 

If uncomfortable feelings arise this week, lean into them—it’s a good sign that you’re headed in the right direction!

Calibration can be challenging, but it’s an essential and constant process. The more you clean up your incompletions, the more agile and adaptable you can be. The more agile and adaptable you are, the more present you become to what’s true for you.

For more in-depth guidance on identifying and handling your incompletions, you can pick up The Art of Change on Amazon. Follow the daily prompts to discover the rest of your incompletions.

See you next week.



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