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Let Go and You’ll Feel No Mo’ FOMO

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This past Saturday morning I did the unthinkable. It was 9:30 am and Wayne Dyer was taking the stage at the Javits Center for his opening keynote at I Can Do It! New York. Just down the street, at the Ink 48 Hotel, I was enjoying a delectable omelette freshly delivered by room service, still […]

And then…I flipped off the Father of Motivation

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It was 2am on November 17, 2007…and I was determined. I was producing two events with Wayne Dyer back-to-back over the course of a weekend. He spoke in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon, and then the whole crew of us flew to Detroit where he was to speak again on Sunday afternoon. By 10pm, we were […]


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As I prepare to embark on the final module of my groundbreaking Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training Program I find myself thinking a lot about wholeness, since it’s the very definition of integrity. And how we’re out of integrity as soon as we begin to separate from ourselves, disowning the parts that we can’t be with. I keep visualizing […]