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The first time I set a boundary with my now ex-husband during our divorce process was not only the first time I set a boundary with him, it was the first boundary I’d set with anyone in my entire life! It was the first time I ever thought purely about my own needs, the first […]

Whose life are you living?

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For years, I sublimated my own desires in service of my husband’s. I wasn’t living my own life. Poet David Whyte has said that if you are living the life you are meant to live, someone will inevitably feel betrayed by it. My ex-husband can legitimately say that I betrayed him by having an affair. […]

Are you keeping money secrets?

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Secrecy about money is quite common in families, especially between siblings, and between parents and adult children. We’re secretive about money for a variety of reasons. Usually, it’s a result of one of the following: (1) we feel we have to protect our money from others, or (2) we feel we’re going to be judged […]

Do you feel worthy enough to receive?

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In order to have more, we have to change our thinking, behaviors, and habits related to self-worth—little by little. As we do that, we can continue to increase our “worth threshold.” This means that we allow ourselves to receive more and more. We walk around thinking, “Hey, I will happily let myself receive! Give me […]

Is money an emotional issue for you?

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“What if she asks me to do something scary? What if she shames me for the way I’ve handled my money? What if she has me invest my money, and I lose it all, ending up with nothing?” Those were the “what ifs” that came up for me when I hired my financial advisor, Melissa […]