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Episode 99: Live Coaching: Releasing the Fear of Failure, Taking Action and Owning Boundaries

In this episode...

In this week’s episode of Your Permission Prescription, I give live and unscripted laser coaching to 3 people. Julie is looking to make an international move, but her fear of failure fuels her doubt. Michael is looking to step into a more fulfilling career and reconnect with his children, but his conflict avoidance is leaving him stuck without action. Paula recently set a boundary with her family members, but still struggles with the shame she feels about upholding her boundary. 

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 99 to learn more about how you can release fear, take action to make change, and free yourself from shame so you can uphold your boundaries.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 99:

  • Releasing the fear of failure
  • Incompletions – unfinished business
  • Creating action to make change
  • Owning your boundaries
  • The freedom that comes with self-love

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