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Episode 70: The Gift of Change: Learning to Let Go and Embrace Uncertainty

In this episode...

Today, let’s talk about change. I know many of us, myself included, sometimes fear change. However, what we’re really afraid of is being out of control or feeling uncertain. It is in our nature to evolve. 

What if we stopped fearing change, stepped out of the cycles of perfectionism and self-sabotage, and learned to embrace change as a natural evolution towards our true self?

If you want a different life, if your desire is to grow and return to your true essence, if you want to embrace who you truly are, embrace the uncertainty and the unknown. Let go of what’s holding you back and unlock the vision of the life you truly want to live.

In this episode, I’ll break down the concept of change, why it’s best to get started even if you don’t know what to do, and how embracing uncertainty can lead to a more fulfilling life.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 70 to stop retreating from life and learn to embrace change.

What I Discuss & Highlights From Episode 70:

  • Breaking down the concept of change and why we fear it.
  • How fearing change keeps you in dangerous cycles of repetition and perfectionism.
  • Why and how uncertainty brings MORE opportunities and the chance to embrace your truth.
  • How embracing uncertainty can lead you to a more fulfilling life.

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