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Episode 7: Who’s Crossing Your Boundaries? Hint: It’s Not Other People

In this episode...

It’s time to bust the biggest myth around boundaries: that someone else can cross a boundary we’ve set. The truth is that only we can cross our own boundaries.

In episode 7 of Your Permission Prescription, I share what boundaries are and are not, and I break down the ways we cross our own boundaries and why.

If you struggle to sit with feelings of discomfort around setting (and holding) boundaries, this is for you. You’ll feel empowered to take ownership of your boundaries so you can build trust in yourself and honor your needs.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 7 to learn how to give yourself permission to set and hold boundaries with confidence.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 7:

  • Learn why boundaries are an inside job and why no one else can cross a boundary you’ve set.
  • I share 5 common reasons we cross our own boundaries (you’ll see yourself in these, and you’re not alone!).
  • Shift the way you see boundaries. Instead of viewing them as limiting or restrictive, I invite you to look at them as expansive.
  • Setting a boundary is only half the equation. I talk about the importance of holding boundaries and how to feel confident doing so.
  • Acknowledging that boundaries are an inside job is a gift. It moves us out of blame and victim mode and into a place of responsibility and empowerment.

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