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Episode 61: Live Coaching: Finding Intimacy and Connection Without Losing Yourself in a Relationship

In this episode...

In today’s unscripted live coaching episode, I coach Jennifer about relationships, and more specifically, how it feels to be happily single in middle age after a lifetime of being in serious romantic relationships.

Is it better to push yourself back into dating and gain the safety and companionship of a partner—at the risk of losing yourself? Or stay single and live a creatively fulfilling life, at the cost of feeling alone and sexually unfulfilled?

Then I coach Natalie about situations in which your truth is going to hurt or disappoint someone else—and how to be more trusting and open with our loved ones in a way that still feels safe and true to yourself.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 61 to listen in to two live coaching sessions.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode 61:

  • Living with the fear of losing yourself in a relationship
  • How do you be in a relationship after the one that fell apart and broke your heart? (AKA, how to do it again, without doing it again)
  • Living with the fear of disappointing someone by not being what they want to you to be
  • The ways we become committed to being in pain and sick—and how we can choose something new
  • How to invite more connection and intimacy with your family, while still being true to yourself

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