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Episode 5: Live Coaching: Fostering Courage, Creating Confidence, Overcoming Perfection

In this episode...

Have you ever found yourself holding back, discouraged from going for something you really want because the potential of making a mistake or not executing perfectly is keeping you rooted in place?
We’ve all been there and today you’ll learn how to overcome it.

In Episode 5 of Your Permission Prescription, you’ll listen in as I coach Laura, Kate, and Monique to give themselves permission to stop waiting and start taking steps toward the desires they’re struggling to fulfill.
It’s important to remember that if we keep waiting for the courage to act, we’ll never fully step into what it is we desire — the key is to identify the small actions we can take to create ongoing momentum.

Listen to Your Permission Prescription: Episode 5 to learn how to give yourself permission to take courageous steps towards your greatest desires.

What We Discuss & Highlights From Episode5:

  • Giving yourself permission to take courageous action starts with giving yourself permission to have desire for something.
  • Fear of making a mistake or not being perfect is a common block to giving ourselves permission to take action.
  • Taking unaligned actions are opportunities to correct your course of action.
  • Identify the feeling/desire you’re truly after and measure your actions in sight of this goal.
  • How to identify the choices you’re making and actions you’re taking that are keeping you from fulfilling your desire.
  • What action or practice can you put into place to continually remind yourself of the desire you’re working toward?

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